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Our Team| PremKamal Spas

Our team members are proficient in spa design, branding and concept design – all to help you create a facility that is pleasing to the eye, functional, and successful. We offer recruitment and operation strategy so that your business can run smoothly with only highly trained therapists in place, and fiscal management and revenue analysis to ensure that your business is operating effectively. For further revenue streams, we can assist your business with creating health and wellness retreats. The planning and organizing of such events are handled by our team so that you can concentrate on other areas of your business.

Mitesh : CEO, Premkamal Spas LLC

With a strong vision and belief in wellness and the healing power of touch, Mitesh brought PremKamal Spas, LLC to life. He has vast experience naturopathy and Yogic practices and is a graduate of Naturopathic Medicine and Yogic Practices from a renowned university in India. He oversees the logistics and every day running of the spa locations.
Mitesh grew up in environment of holistic healing and alternative medicines. He was inspired by observing and assisting in his father, a naturopath doctor. After practicing for a few years he was motivated from the theory, “prevention is better than cure.” Entering into the spa industry with a strong vision and belief in wellness and the healing power of touch, Mitesh brought the PremKamal Spas to life. In 2004 he started from scratch with 5 therapists in British Virgin Islands and expand his horizon to Hawaii with currently upwards of 50 therapists in multiple locations.

Jeenesh : CFO, Premkamal Spas LLC
With a proven track record in overseeing financial aspects of the company, Jeenesh works to keep the spa locations fiscally sound and running smoothly and efficiently.

Aadesh : Business Development Manager

As a business development manager with years of experience and a Masters Degree in hospitality management, he ensures that all clients experience a great, prosperous, and healing time at the PremKamal Spas locations.

Swati : Wellness Advisor

With multiple degrees including a Masters in Science of Living, Swati brings along years of experience as a homeopathic wellness advisor. By combining her knowledge of traditional treatment methods and new industry therapy options, Swati brings a unique and powerful therapy to the company. With a Bachelors Degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery and a Masters in Science of Living in Yoga and Meditation, she is committed to giving back to the community by making changes in people’s life through health and wellness.

Prithi : Spa Manager and HR Director

As spa manager and HR Director, Prithi brings many years of experience to the table. She has in-depth training in the hospitality industry and knows what it takes to get the job done. She’s been with the company since the beginning and has had experience in all aspects of the business itself.
Prithi has accomplished many things since getting her Bachelors and Masters in Psychology. She was a Junior Research Fellow; has participated several training programs for women, children and adults; conducted various training programs; and was the project coordinator for a major vulnerability analysis (a two-month project under SOMA an NGO in collaboration with UNDP). She is adept at managing and proficient in human resources.

Pragya : Marketing Manager
Pragya Sharma holds the title as the freelance marketing manager for PremKamal and has more than five years of experience in Business Development. Having graduated with an MBA in e-commerce, Pragya is accountable for increasing the visibility of the spa websites of PremKamal as well as working on profitability and performance.

Covetus Team : IT Support