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Our Story| PremKamal Spas

Officially established in 2004 with years of prior experience, the vision of PremKamal Spas is to reach a worldwide market and to bring innovation to the spa industry by partnering with those who are of like mind.

Our secret to success is the belief in providing top notch quality service, a holistic approach, and entrepreneur skills. This helped us to build our current portfolio.

Mitesh Banthia, CEO and founder of PremKamal Spas, LLC., comes from a community that is known for having business in their blood. He started his career in the spa industry at The Spa at Leverick Bay – British Virgin Islands as spa therapist in 2002. The spa in its 10 years of existence had only 2 employees maximum at any given point of time, and in it’s best year made $100,000 in gross sales. Within 7 months of Mitesh’s employment he was promoted to manager, and due to his entrepreneur skills the revenue was increased by 125% with 5 employees.

In November 2004 he took over the same spa, initially starting out with 11 full time employees and adding 2 more locations – Bitter End Yacht Club and Biras Creek – increasing the bottom line by 56%. Currently PSL has employed about 15 employees at Leverick Bay resort, and provides out call service in the surrounding resorts like Bitter End Yacht Club, Nail Bay Resort, Maho Bay, Mango Bay, Mooney Bay Resort and Valley trunk Resort. PSL has also established relationships and provided onsite service when required at Necker Island (owned by Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group of Companies), Eustacia Island (owned by Google) and Oil Nut Bay Resort and Villas.

In 2007, to expand the horizon of Premkamal Spas internationally, PSL acquired The Lotus Center in Royal Kona Beach Resort in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Currently PSL has 8 full time, 22 part time, and 6 independent contractors in Kailua-Kona, and operates 3 locations: The Lotus Center in Royal Kona Beach Resort, The Spa at Kona Beach Hotel in King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel (Courtyard Marriott), and standalone Body Rhythms Spa.